Families living near the city dumps in Nicaragua


When Strong Harvest first visited families living inside the Managua city dump, we found moringa trees growing at the homes of many residents, but they were unaware of the amazing gift they had right at their fingertips!  SHI is now working in 9 different communities in western Nicaragua to improve the lives of families struggling to meet their basic needs.  Our Country Coordinator, Lesly Herrera, provides training, encouragement, and support to families as they learn to incorporate the power of moringa into their lives.

West Africa - Strong Harvest Peer Educators

West Africa

Strong Harvest Peer Education has taken off like wildfire in West Africa!  Our Country Coordinator for Togo and West Africa is Jean (2nd from right),  who was trained by Ralph (on the right), one of our U.S. Peer Educators.  Jean has gone on to train more than 250 Peer Educators in his home country of Togo and in the neighboring countries of Bukina Faso and Benin.  While moringa grows naturally all over West Africa, few people understand its benefits.  Strong Harvest is empowering families with the knowledge of the rich resource that is growing right in their own backyards!

Strong Harvest in Haiti


Strong Harvest has trained Peer Educators who either live in Haiti or work there regularly.  Fritzner, our Country Coordinator there, is extremely passionate about the simplicity of moringa and its power to transform the health of his community.  He has translated our manual into Haitian Creole, is continually training people in his own community and beyond, and even arranged a live Strong Harvest training via the internet with local families and SHI staff in the States.  Moringa grows all over the country, but people do not understand it’s value.  Strong Harvest is working to change that!

Strong Harvest Peer Educators in Tanzania


Peer Educators in Tanzania are excited to use what they’ve learned about basic nutrition and health to impact their communities.  Strong Harvest has trained more than 80 Peer Educators in Tanzania, including farmers, herders, businessmen, teachers, pastors, nurses, and Peace Corps Volunteers.  They are spreading the benefits of moringa to communities all over the country!

Strong Harvest in Mexico


Working with children’s homes and orphanages on the Baja Peninsula, Strong Harvest is partnering with Growing Gardens for Life, linking sustainable gardening with the powerful benefits of moringa.  Children are learning about good nutrition and how to grow their own food ~ attaining knowledge and skills for a lifetime!

Strong Harvest Peer Education in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saif is our Peer Educator in Saudi Arabia.  He’s a firm believer in the difference moringa can make in people’s lives and has been growing trees to give to his friends and neighbors.  Saif attended Strong Harvest Peer Educator training via the internet and then quickly translated our manual into Arabic so that others in the Middle East would be able to know and use moringa.  We are looking forward to training others in the region!

U.S. Strong Harvest Peer Educator making a difference

United States

Strong Harvest trains people who travel and/or work internationally to become Peer Educators so that wherever they go in the developing world, whether with Strong Harvest, with another organization, or on their own, they can train others in the life-giving benefits of moringa. 

If you would like attend a training seminar and join our world-wide network of Peer Educators, just let us know by connecting with us via e-mail or a phone call!

Strong Harvest Peer Educators

Impacting and Empowering Families Around the World!