The Women of Strong Harvest

Nadege, Mariella, Sandra, and Regina in Haiti

Laughing and learning during Peer Educator training.

Teaching other mothers how to grow and use moringa to provide their children with vitamins, minerals, and protein ~

all the things that growing kids need!

The Women of Strong Harvest

Mercedes in Nicaragua

Awesome cook and and creator of moringa recipes.

Trains others in her community and beyond how to grow and use moringa to address issues of malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Heather, Strong Harvest U.S. Team Member

Loving kids.

Loving moringa.

Putting the two together to change lives.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Olga (center) in Togo

Works tirelessly with her husband to teach others about moringa.

Teaches her children how to press moringa seeds for highly nutritious oil.

Cooks wonderful moringa-laden meals for her family and for their many training seminars.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Suz in Haiti

Strong advocate for moringa as an easy to grow, totally sustainable source of good nutrition.

Growing her own moringa nursery with over 1,000 saplings.

Sharing her moringa knowledge and saplings with neighbors and friends.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Magdalena in Tanzania

Her family has rarely been ill since they started eating moringa every day.

Passionately teaches women how moringa will transform their families’ health.

Takes her show on the road to other villages, freely sharing her knowledge.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Isabella in Nicaragua

Experiencing dramatic improvement in her own health.

Teaches everyone she meets, wherever she goes, all about moringa.

Keeps amazing records of everyone she has taught!

The Women of Strong Harvest

Sue Ellen from the U.S.

Strong Harvest founding board member.

Passionate about teaching kids.  Creator of the SHI Children’s Program.

Speaks Spanish, loves to connect with others, build relationships, and have fun.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Sylvia in Nicaragua

Midwife in her small village.

Has her own grove of moringa trees.

Teaches her patients how the rich nutrition of moringa will improve their own health and the health of their babies.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Megan, Strong Harvest U.S. Team Member

Believes in empowering other women.

Freely shares her time, her talents, and her heart to improve lives around the world.

The Women of Strong Harvest

Jeri from the U.S.

Co-founder of Strong Harvest.

Loves grassroots change, learning together, and empowering others to meet their own most basic needs.

Living her passion.

The Girls of Strong Harvest


Our Next Generation of Changemakers!

Learning about nutrition and moringa.

Sharing with their friends how eating moringa will give them Strength, Energy, and Protection from illness.

Strong Harvest is Fighting Hunger & Poverty

Learn more . . .

At Strong Harvest we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable sources of good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities. 

To make this a reality, we work in partnership with developing-world communities to provide attainable, sustainable, and generational solutions to the issues of malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, and lack of economic opportunity.

Our primary tool is the moringa tree.

The solution really can be as simple as a tree!

Our Impact

Where malnutrition is most prevalent . . .

is where moringa thrives!


Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Tanzania

188 Peer Educators

5,000 Seeds distributed


Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, United States

236 Peer Educators

4,810 Seeds distributed



70 Peer Educators

2,360 Seeds distributed


Saudi Arabia

1 Peer Educator

100 Seeds distributed

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