Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfoods

Good for You. Good for Strong Harvest. Good for the World.


When you click through our website to purchase your Kuli Kuli products, they’ll send a donation to Strong Harvest, helping us to empower more families around the world to grow and use moringa as a sustainable source of good nutrition!


This is just a sampling of Kuli Kuli’s products – be sure to look around their site for all the moringa goodness.  Any item purchased after clicking through this page will generate a donation to Strong Harvest.

Moringa Energy Bars

Moringa Superfood Bars

Nutritious. Delicious. The only “salad in a bar” on the market, Kuli Kuli Moringa Energy Bars provide half a cup of leafy greens deliciously mingled with simple wholesome ingredients.

Kuli Kuli Pure Organic Moringa Powder

Pure Moringa Powder

Just one tablespoon of Kuli Kuli’s Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder is equivalent to a full serving of vegetables.

Kuli Kuli Energizing Moringa Herbal Tea

Energizing Herbal Tea

Rich in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals and improve focus, Kuli Kuli’s Moringa Tea is pure and restorative.
Superfood Energy Shakes

Superfood Energy Shakes

Organic Moringa Superfood Shakes is a delicious way to get naturally energizing greens on-the-go.  Boost your breakfast smoothie, or simply mix with water or plant-based milk and go!

Training Resources

Everything you need to learn about moringa and then teach others.


Curious as to how moringa stacks up under scientific scrutiny?


There are many delicious ways to add moringa to your daily diet!