We foster sustainable and generational development by building strong individuals, families, and communities. We enhance food security, improve health outcomes, and increase economic viability while nurturing the environment. Through grassroots, family-focused approaches, we break the cycle of poverty at its roots.

Feeding the Family

Even when food prices soar due to government instability, failed crops, or natural disaster, families can still have a sustainable source of rich nutrition to meet their daily needs.

Earning a Living

Creating moringa products for sale such as leaf powder, oil, soap, and saplings, brings new sources of income, enabling families to pay for food staples, school fees, clothing, and other necessities.

Loving the Planet

Planting moringa removes carbon dioxide from the air, produces oxygen, creates biodiversity, shades people and animals, holds moisture in the soil, provides erosion control, and reforests the land.

When families have access to moringa training, they have the tools they need to provide sustainable daily nutrition, create new sources of income, and protect their land from erosion and deforestation.

That's Sustainable Health!

You can help people take charge of their own health.
The Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree

It’s the most nutritious plant yet discovered and it thrives in the areas of the world where malnutrition is most prevalent.  Plus it has a multitude of other amazing and practical uses!  Learn more . . .

Peer Educator, Michael in Tanzania

Peer Education

Peer Educators are the foundation of Strong Harvest’s work ~ local people empowering their own communities to make simple changes that are sustainable, attainable, and generational.   See how it works . . .



SHI works hand-in-hand with other organizations for two reasons:  1) to increase our effectiveness and reach, and 2) because it’s just more fun to work together!  Meet our partners . . .


Our Impact

We work with local leaders and community members to empower families in Nicaragua, Haiti, and East and West Africa.  Learn more about our programs and their impact . . .

Empowering Change ~ Attainable, Sustainable, Generational