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A Nicaraguan favorite. With moringa, chicken, pork, or just cheese – muy delicioso!


Delicious moringa fruit smoothies – a great way to start the day!

No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

A great way to introduce moringa to the kids.

Ginger Snaps

These are amazingly soft and chewy!

Chocolate Torte

This delicious chocolate torte has a couple of surprises – not only does it contain moringa, but it is flourless!

Serving Suggestions

Moringa in soup

In your Soup

To most any soup add fresh or dried moringa leaves with very little change of flavor, but with a huge change in nutritional value.  Don’t be shy – throw in a few hand-fulls, just be sure to add them at the very end and cook for only a few minutes.  You don’t want any of the good stuff being cooked away.

moringa in eggs

In your Eggs

Added right before your scrambled eggs are finished cooking, fresh or dry moringa leaves will give your breakfast a boost while bringing a mild, not-quite-spinachy flavor.

moringa and baked poatoes

Super Bakers

So you’ve got your baked potato loaded with bacon, cheese, butter, sour cream, and broccoli, now add the power topping – fresh moringa leaves!  Now your baker is truly loaded with even more vitamins and minerals! If you’re out of fresh leaves, use some crumbled dried leaves.

moringa in yogurt

Green Yogurt

Start with your favorite yogurt and add moringa leaf powder.  Start with a teaspoon – the powder is powerful!  Top that with some fresh fruit, granola, and maybe some dried blueberries and there you have it – a fast and healthy breakfast with an extra punch.

Send us your favorite moringa recipes – we love trying new, tasty ways to eat moringa!

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Energize your life with organic Kuli Kuli moringa superfoods.

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Everything you need to learn about moringa and then teach others.


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