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The Holistic Approach

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Enhancing Food Security

Strong Harvest addresses food security by teaching communities how to grow and utilize the moringa tree in resource-scarce environments. Moringa leaves have many nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein, antioxidants, and essential amino acids.

Improving Health Outcomes

With the aim of combating malnutrition, we educate communities about moringa’s nutritional value as part of a balanced diet. Moringa seed powder is also a natural coagulant that purifies water 90-99% by separating contaminants within drinking water.

Increasing Economic Viability

There are a wide variety of economic opportunities sustained through the cultivation of moringa. Strong Harvest teaches communities how to produce moringa leaf powder, oil, soaps, and ointments.

Environmental Stewardship

The drought-resistant moringa tree promotes reforestation and sustainable agriculture due to its adaptability, water retention, and erosion control. Moringa makes the land more fertile and able to produce a rich harvest.

Breaking the cycle of poverty is no easy feat, but together we can provide sustainable changes to bolster community-based services, and empower people to develop their own economic viability and reduce their reliance on external aid.

Learn about the moringa “miracle” tree and our work by watching this 3-minute video.


In the Field

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Health is just the beginning!Many of the people with whom we work live on high-starch diets, lacking in adequate protein and essential vitamins and minerals. When they add nutrient-dense moringa to their daily meals, their health visibly...

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