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of Jondie and 9 others


to little Emmanuella and 20 more

Moringa Champion

for her family and her community

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moringa has impacted her family’s health!

Strong Harvest puts the Power of Sustainable Change into the Hands of the People

Strong Harvest is Fighting Hunger & Poverty

At Strong Harvest we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable sources of good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities, while protecting and caring for the local and global environment. 

To make this a reality, we work in partnership with developing-world communities to provide attainable, sustainable, and generational solutions to the issues of malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, lack of economic opportunity, and land degradation.

Our primary tool is the moringa tree.

The solution really can be as simple as a tree!

We’re Reaching the World

and empowering families through the miracle of moringa!

Where malnutrition is most prevalent . . .

is where moringa thrives!

Nicaragua, Haiti, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, United States, and Canada


have traveled to and trained people in:

Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Togo, South Sudan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Yap, The Philippines,  and Indonesia

How do our Peer Educators impact the world?

See Magdalena’s incredible story!

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