Strong Harvest

is meeting the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people

Imagine that you are a subsistence-level farmer in one of the world’s poorest countries.


What would life be like?


You’re up every day before dawn to work the land by hand.


Your life depends on the weather, so when the crops fail, your family goes hungry.


Your wife and kids walk for hours each day to fetch water that’s not even safe to drink.


The children are frequently sick due to malnutrition and unsafe drinking water.


More of your precious top soil is washed away every year by the monsoon rains.


Fuel for cooking and boiling your drinking water is in short supply.


There’s not enough money to pay for doctor visits, new shoes, or school fees.


All hands are needed if your family is going to survive.

Moringa can change all of this.

Once you’ve received Strong Harvest’s moringa training, you’ll be able to provide your family with nutritious food, clean water, and extra income all while sustainably caring for your land.

You just need to know!

We’re training Moringa Peer Educators in some of the world’s poorest countries.

As each Peer Educator shares their knowledge with family, friends, and neighbors, they can impact up to 100 others.

When we train just 200 people, it can easily become 20,000 people

empowered to improve their health, earn additional income, and protect their land!

When one family thrives, we all benefit.

Join us by investing in families around the world!

Why is moringa so important?

Rich Nutrition

Families become healthy as they add the 90+ nutrients in fresh or dried moringa leaves to every meal. Moringa radically improves the nutritional value of the foods they already eat.

Clean Water

Crushed moringa seeds remove up to 99% of the contaminants from unsafe drinking water, greatly reducing water-borne illnesses – a major cause of death in children under 5.

Increased Income

Moringa provides a multitude of easy-to-make products that can be sold in local and national markets, bringing vital income into the home to pay for the necessities of life.

Soil Preservation

Planting moringa trees is like planting rain. The roots anchor the soil in place and hold precious water in the ground, making land more fertile and able to produce a rich harvest. 

Strong Harvest puts the Power of Sustainable Change into the Hands of the People

We believe that everyone should have access to sustainable sources of good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities, while protecting and caring for the local and global environment. 

To make this a reality, we work in partnership with developing-world communities to provide attainable, sustainable, and generational solutions to the issues of malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, lack of economic opportunity, and land degradation.

Our primary tool is the moringa tree.

The solution really can be as simple as a tree!

We’re Reaching the World

and empowering families through the miracle of moringa!

Where malnutrition is most prevalent . . .

is where moringa thrives!

Nicaragua, Haiti, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the U.S., and Canada


have traveled to and trained people in:

Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Togo, South Sudan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Yap, The Philippines,  and Indonesia

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