We’re building stronger families and healthier communities in East Africa!

Hundreds of at-risk children and their families in East Africa will soon have better health through the good nutrition and clean water that moringa brings.

We’re excited to share that we’ll be partnering with ECHO East Africa Impact Center in November when our Strong Harvest team travels to Tanzania to bring moringa training to community leaders from four East African countries.

Here’s a snapshot of how these leaders will impact families by making moringa a part of their ongoing fight against hunger and poverty:

A pediatric nurse and three health care workers at Selian Lutheran Hospital, a major hospital in Northern Tanzania, will start an on-site moringa garden to provide more nutritious food for their patients.

Five leaders from Village Schools Tanzania will take moringa training to the 450 staff and teachers at 37 rural schools serving over 10,400 students in Tanzania and Malawi.

One Village Uganda will bring better health to families across Uganda by adding moringa training to their Sustainable Community Development program.

By including moringa training in their Intensive Organic Farming methods, Organics 4 Orphans in Kenya will dramatically increase the nutritional value of meals for orphaned children.

These are just a few examples of the 13 organizations and many individuals who will be a part of Strong Harvest’s Moringa Peer Educator training this November. Through these new Peer Educators Strong Harvest will impact thousands of families all across East Africa!

Encouraging our Peer Educators
We’ll also be providing continuing education in four different villages for our Peer Educators who have already received Strong Harvest training. It’s going to be very exciting to hear the stories of improved health in their families, work with them to find solutions to any challenges they’re having with their trees, and provide them with more ways to utilize the benefits moringa to improve their lives! In these continuing education sessions, we’ll be focusing on two topics:

  • Using moringa for environmental sustainability through erosion control and reforestation.
  • Additional family income through the use of moringa:
    • Improved health resulting in fewer doctor visits means more available funds for other needs.
    • Small business options including tree nurseries, selling leaf powder and other moringa products, and oil production.

2017 Strong Harvest Tanzania Team

Jeri, Rick, Vicki, Lorraine, Vanessa, and Myakia

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