Carolina’s Nicaraguan village – Cristo Rey – is located right across the dirt road from the city dump.  This where most of the adults, and even some of the children, make their living as garbage pickers.  Many people, especially the children, suffer from malnutrition, which was evident from their discolored hair, rail-thin arms and legs, and sores that just won’t heal.

In November 2013, Carolina received Strong Harvest Peer Educator training, learning about basic nutrition and how to grow and use moringa to radically improve health.  When she realized what a difference the protein-, vitamin-, and mineral-packed moringa leaves could make in the health of the families in her community she became very excited!  She had a plan!

There is a group of pastors in her community who work with hundreds of families, and her plan is to train all of the pastors to become Peer Educators so that they can teach the families in their neighborhoods about the difference moringa can make in their lives.  When Carolina shared her plan with us, Jeri asked her, “Now that you’ve been trained, do you think you are ready to teach these pastors?”  She thought about it for a second, gathered her confidence, and said “Yes!  I am ready!”

We couldn’t be more thrilled with Carolina’s response and passion!  Moringa is already growing in people’s yards all over Cristo Rey; they just don’t know what it is.  Carolina is empowering people in her community to change their lives with resources that grow right in their own backyards!

Only $450 will provide all the training materials for Carolina’s own Peer Educator training sessions.  You can help her to have the tools she needs to improve her community – please donate today!