Hi Strong Harvesters!  We are totally excited to share the news with you about Fritzner, our Country Coordinator in Haiti.

He and his wife, Mariejocelyne, have started a moringa business called Grace Park Community Moringa & Gardens.  They are creating new jobs in their community which brings much needed income as well as the fantastic health benefits of moringa.  A wonderful win-win situation!

Fritzner also continues to provide Strong Harvest Moringa Peer Educator training to other communities all over Northern Haiti. So far this year he has already trained 60 Peer Educators in 3 villages. Every one of these new moringa experts has the potential to transform their families, villages, and beyond. It is so great to see the knowledge of moringa spreading so far and wide and making such a positive impact.

Thanks for being part of the team! This wouldn’t be happening without you!

Grace Park Moringa Products

Grace Park Community Moringa & Gardens

Leaf Powder





Hair Care

You can now start enjoying the many benefits of moringa for yourself. Get your moringa products though the Strong Harvest website and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Strong Harvest. www.strongharvest.org/moringa-products  We are currently featuring Kuli Kuli’s top quality products, and plan to add others soon.

Thank you!   Rick and Jeri and the Strong Harvest Team