New Peer Educators Trained in Unstable Haitian Neighborhood

Daniel Tillias, co-founder of Sakala, has created a safe place for youth in Cité Soleil, providing many programs including sports, a computer lab, and a community garden.

When Daniel heard about moringa and saw that it could help his community, he worked with his youth group to plant moringa trees in the Sakala Community Garden.  However, the group had only limited knowledge of moringa’s many benefits.

Cité Soleil (Sun City) is an extremely impoverished and densely-populated community located in the Port-au-Prince metro area, with an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 residents. The area is generally regarded as one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of the Western Hemisphere and is one of the biggest slums in the Northern Hemisphere.

(source: Wikipedia)

Meet our newest group of Peer Educators in Haiti

at Sakala Youth Community Center in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince

In January, our field representative, Fritzner, traveled from Cap-Haitien to Port-au-Prince and conducted a Strong Harvest Peer Educator training at Sakala.  He taught this group how moringa can provide improved health through its nutritious leaves, increased family income through easy-to-make moringa products, and a way to help care for the environment.

We now have a group of moringa experts in Cité Soleil, equipped with knowledge, materials and a better understanding of the huge community change that’s possible with just a few moringa trees in each yard!

We appreciate so much the Lewis River Rotary club, and all of our supporters, for providing the much-needed funds that made this training possible!

Rick and Jeri, for all of us at Strong Harvest

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