Health is just the beginning!

Many of the people with whom we work live on high-starch diets, lacking in adequate protein and essential vitamins and minerals. When they add nutrient-dense moringa to their daily meals, their health visibly improves. Improved nutrition and health impacts every area of life, from the ability to learn and work to the joy that comes from feeling energetic and being able to meet the challenges of each day!

Once you’re healthy, opportunities open up!

The Ability to Work

For people like Roger in Togo, moringa improves their health so they can work and provide for their families.

Roger explains, “I keep moringa powder in my bag even when going to work, and I put it in everything I eat. My blood pressure which was increased has decreased and is normal now. I had problems with dizziness and often fell to the ground, but today I’m fine.”

The Ability to Attend School

Improved health allows students to attend school, focus, and retain what they learn.

Wankembetha, the younger daughter of our Tanzanian Field Representative Raymond, shares, “Before using moringa, I was suffering from ulcers. It was causing a lot of pain which made me feel bad and miss school. All of this changed after using moringa as I was healed. Thank you for bringing this program into my life!”

Access to Resources

With improved health, a person saves money right away with decreased medical expenses. In addition, with the training provided by Strong Harvest, a person can make products to sell for increased income.

Some products commonly sold by our Peer Educators include moringa saplings, moringa leaf powder, moringa soap and other cleaning supplies, and moringa ointment (a chest rub for colds and flu).

Recovery of Time

When people no longer have to spend every moment focusing on survival, they are able to reclaim precious time. They can allocate this reclaimed time to other activities such as education, community involvement, or investing in their future.

We have seen this in the lives of the Maasai in northern Tanzania. They have more time for living and thriving since they have moringa as a nutritious and stable food source, and easily-accessible clean water as a result of having rainwater catchment systems at their homes.

In the past 10 months, life has improved dramatically for Rose and her family. The family of seven lives in the village of Eme in Malawi. Life has not been easy – despite working hard, Rose and her husband have struggled to provide enough food for their children.

Rose’s four-year-old twin girls, born with a low birth weight, were constantly sick. Without the essential nutrients they needed, their bodies swelled and their weight dropped. Rose says they visited the hospital so often that they were “friends of the hospital”. Other family members also showed signs of undernutrition: fatigue and constipation.

In May 2023, when our Field Partner Pastor Moshi (on left in first photo above) introduced moringa to the village of Eme, Rose was one of the first people to add moringa to her family’s meals. She fed the children porridge with moringa powder, and added fresh moringa leaves to each meal. The change has been dramatic – the children are no longer sick, and everyone’s health has greatly improved!

Not only is the family enjoying much better health, but their finances are also healthier. They are saving money by not visiting the hospital frequently, and Rose is now selling moringa powder for income. Rose has planted 10 moringa trees at their house and another 50 in their nearby field, planning to expand her moringa business.

They tell everyone they meet what moringa has done for them. When people put their moringa knowledge into action, they transform their own lives!

Roland is a Peer Educator from Vogome, Togo, and learned all about moringa from our Field Representative Jean and his wife, Olga, in September 2022. Roland wanted to start a small business selling moringa products, so last November, Jean and Olga taught him how to make moringa ointment. In just a few weeks he successfully sold his first batch of 250 containers of ointment, and is ready to make more! He’s thrilled with this new way to provide for his family!

A Note from Our Board VP

Having grown up in a developing country, I know firsthand the challenges families in those countries face when it comes to good nutrition, clean water, and economic wellbeing. All those challenges are addressed through the great work of Strong Harvest International in every country in which it is represented. Over the years I have been supporting Strong Harvest by contributing financially through various donations when I am able. I also had the privilege to be part of a training team on a trip to Togo in West Africa. Another way I support is by serving as a member of the Board of Directors of this wonderful organization.

My favorite part of Strong Harvest, simply put, is the Peer Educator Model: people who receive Strong Harvest’s training become the experts in what they have learned, and share their knowledge with others in their own communities. In my view, this is a winning model that allows the knowledge to spread faster. I am very much encouraged every time I read the testimonies in the newsletters. As an example, it rejoices my heart to see mothers smiling because they are able to produce breastmilk for their babies after using moringa.

There is no doubt, Strong Harvest is positively impacting the lives of many people around the world through its wonderful work. Would you please consider getting involved with us at Strong Harvest?

Gratefully, Yakouba Hema

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2023 Impact

299 New Peer Educators

from Tanzania, Togo, Nicaragua, India, Malawi, Honduras, and the U.S. were trained to grow and use moringa for a healthy diet, and to make moringa products to increase family income.

2,753 Intro Seminar Attendees

Many people have heard of moringa and want more information about how it can impact their lives. We introduce the moringa basics to large groups and from there, many go on to become Peer Educators.

939 Workshop Participants

Nearly 1,000 people attended continuing education or informational workshops to further their moringa knowledge and expand their moringa network.

8,457 Moringa Seeds & Saplings

were distributed to families around the world by our Field Representatives, Field Workers, and Peer Educators, changing their lives right from their own yards!


61.3% comes from individual donors, who believe in empowering families through the mission of Strong Harvest.

38.7% comes from organizations, such as public charities, churches, businesses, and miscellaneous revenue.


86% Program – Funding our activities around the world, as well as home office program support.

7.5% Fundraising – Sharing the news of Strong Harvest’s work and inviting others to join us.

6.5% Administration – The generous donation of office space and services from U.S. Digital keeps our administrative costs low.

Thank you for partnering with us to make the world a better place!