Families are ready to improve their lives – they just need to know how!

Afi is the busy mom of 8 children – 6 boys and 2 girls – and having enough of anything is always a challenge.

When she attended Strong Harvest Peer Educator training in May 2021, Afi learned how to make moringa soap and skin ointment.

She saw an opportunity to provide for her children and immediately made a plan to start a small business.

May 2021 – Peer Educator Training
Doufio, Togo (Afi on far right)

At first is was difficult to find the money to buy materials, but Afi persevered, and now her business is flourishing!


Afi told our Field Representative, Jean,

“My clients are very satisfied with my products.

Many of my clients have testified to having had healing from skin diseases such as ringworm, scabies, and whitlow, itchy eyes, and other illnesses.”

Afi sells her products in the local marketplace and has hired young people to assist her with sales.

She shared,

“This job works well for me. Before, I made very little money selling firewood, but now thanks to selling moringa products, I manage to feed my children, and I was able to buy them clothes for the end of the year celebrations.”

Afi with her moringa products

Afi continued,

“I had nothing before starting, but today I have capital and I am able to buy the raw materials in bulk.

In addition, since the sale of these products is flourishing, I even opened an account in a microfinance institution where I started saving a little money.”

Afi with 2 of her children – they are so proud of her!

With the knowledge of moringa, Afi is transforming her family’s life!

Moringa provides a way, and you can help!

Strong Harvest Training Makes a Difference!

Without Moringa


Malnutrition is rampant due to a lack of essential nutrients.


Unsafe water sources cause waterborne illnesses.


Families have inadequate income to pay for basic needs (food, clothing, school fees, & doctor visits).


Erosion & extreme weather reduce the ability of families to grow their own food.

With Moringa


Families enjoy radically improved nutrition and health!


Moringa seeds remove 90-99% of the contaminants from unsafe water, greatly reducing illnesses & child mortality!


Families can sell easy-to-make moringa products, bringing in vital new income for the necessities of life!


Moringa trees thrive in poor soils & extreme conditions, prevent erosion, & provide reforestation, shade for other crops, & new habitat for animals!

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A Note From Our Founders

Hello friends,

If you’re like me, and many other people, you look at the issues of poverty, and the statistics, and the huge numbers, and you think it’s just too big, too overwhelming – nothing I can do is going to make a difference.

I want to tell you, that is simply not true. You can make a difference! The difference is being made by people just like you.

When we started teaching people about moringa in the year 2000, one of the statistics I paid attention to is this rather disturbing one – 27,000 kids under 5 years old died each and every day in the year 2000, almost all from totally preventable things, and about half from nutrition related issues. I am thrilled to report that due to the collective efforts of many groups, including Strong Harvest, and despite global population growth, that number by 2021 was cut almost in half, reduced to 14,000 children per day, still a totally unacceptable number– but this reduction is a great success, and proof that our combined efforts are working! The positive and negative aspects of these statistics are incredible motivators for us to do even more, which is why I’m asking you to join us to save even more of these children and their families from this kind of tragedy.

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