Life changed when Lovanise & Patric received Strong Harvest moringa training.

Lovanise had known about moringa since she was a child.  “When I was sick, my parents would make a tea from the flowers for me –  they used it as a medicine. Sometimes they would add the leaves to soup, but they didn’t understand all the benefits of moringa.”

She grew up and had a large family of her own – 10 children – and she now has 20 grandchildren!  Her days are full of the work that comes with living in a village without running water or electricity and she works hard to grow, store, and prepare her own food. Lovanise had continued to add moringa leaves to her family’s soup, but she always boiled it so much that it killed the nutrients.

Then in February 2017, Lovanise and her son, Patric, attended a Strong Harvest Peer Educator training in their village of Ennery-Fouqete in the mountains of northern Haiti. There they learned all about the vitamins, minerals, and protein in moringa leaves and how to cook it properly and eat it for good health.


Lovanise had been experiencing on-going issues with dizziness and a lack of energy. After the Strong Harvest training, she began eating moringa three times a day.  Over the next few months, she saw a significant improvement in her health. She now has enough energy for each day and her dizziness has disappeared.

The effects of anemia, undernutrition, and malnutrition – very common problems in Haiti – are often reversed by adding sufficient amounts of nutrient-rich moringa to the daily diet.  

Lovanise is so excited about the improvement in her health due to moringa that she is sharing about it everywhere she goes.  Recently, at a graduation ceremony, she had the opportunity to share about moringa with 40 people from her community!

“I first want to say thank you to God and then to Strong Harvest for your research about this tree.”



Lovanise’s adult daughter, Jondie, had such a severe case of anemia that she was passing out.  After her mother taught her about moringa, she began eating it daily and when she was re-tested her anemia was gone!


Lovanise’s son, Patric, and his wife and children also live in Ennery-Fouqete.  He has a carpentry business and makes furniture and coffins for the village.

He had always seen moringa growing in the area, but never knew any of its properties until he attended the Strong Harvest training.  Now he realizes what an amazing resource has been growing all around him for his entire life!  He is planting more moringa trees on his forested hillside property and his family is adding it every day to their soup, rice, and sauce-beans.

Since moringa became an everyday part of their lives:


  • Patric’s wife no longer has the dizziness she was experiencing daily from a lack of good nutrition.
  • Patric, who used to go to the hospital often due to illness and weakness, has not been to the hospital for months.
  • Their children, who were suffering from anemia, have been restored to health.

They are now sharing the knowledge of moringa with their neighbors!

“I am sharing moringa with my life. When others see how healthy I am and how healthy my family is, I am setting a good example for others to use moringa.  A lot of people in our village who were sick now have good health because of moringa.  This has saved us money because we don’t have to go to the doctor as often.

Thank you Strong Harvest for sending moringa training to our village.”


The community of Ennery-Fouqete is being transformed!