There are some people who care deeply about transforming lives and communities and so dedicate their lives to do so. Raymond, our Field Representative in Tanzania, is one of those people.

Raymond is passionate about improving the lives of families who are struggling to obtain the basics: a secure source of nutritious food, clean drinking water, and healthy and productive land that provides enough income for themselves and their children.

He and his wife, Agnes, have served the people of Tanzania for years through their work with the Church of God where Raymond held many positions, including treasurer of the National Church of God of Tanzania, assistant director for the Safina child sponsorship program, and manager of Aldersgate Secondary School.

Strong Harvest founders, Rick and Jeri Kemmer, have been friends with Raymond for many years and consider it a privilege to partner with him in this important work.

Raymond shares, “I like working with Strong Harvest because it touches my heart. Most Tanzanians live on less than a dollar a day and they can grow and use moringa for free! It has the nutrition they need to build their bodies. Many people are telling me that their health issues improved when they started eating moringa.”

Not only has Raymond seen positive changes in his community through sharing the knowledge of moringa over the past decade, but his own family has benefited as well.

Raymond says, “After starting to use moringa powder, my health has improved. I wore eyeglasses before, but I don’t need to use them anymore.

Also, moringa has been a source of income for us through selling moringa powder to people we know with whom we have shared the good news about its benefits.”

Raymond’s wife, Agnes (above, with moringa soap), relates, “After starting to use moringa, my health has greatly improved. I was once suffering from poor eyesight, but after using moringa, I am cured.

Also, we have all gotten sick much less than before. I am glad to say that moringa has been a blessing to our family, and we thank God for this blessing.”

Julitha, Raymond’s older daughter (below, with moringa soap), explains, “After starting to use moringa powder there has been an improvement in my health.

During my ordinary level studies, I was using eyeglasses, but after using moringa I don’t need them anymore because I can see clearly.”

Julitha continues, “Also, moringa has helped me and my friends at [boarding] school.

At first, I didn’t know that moringa seeds could be used to treat water.

I was once ill with amoebas – it was so hard since I was far from home and the water there was not good for me. When I talked to my dad over the school phone, he told me to treat it with moringa seeds.

It was fortunate that at our school there were a lot of moringa trees.

I started treating my drinking water with moringa seed powder, and the results were good because I never got sick again thanks to moringa.

Wankembetha, Raymond’s younger daughter (second from the left), shares, “Before using moringa, I was suffering from ulcers. It was causing a lot of pain which made me feel bad and sometimes miss school.

All of this changed after using moringa as I was healed and am feeling better now. Thank you for bringing this program into my life!

We are grateful that moringa has benefitted Raymond’s family and community, and that Raymond is part of our Strong Harvest team!

Here’s to empowering people around the world,

Rick and Jeri, and the Strong Harvest team

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