Nangakwa Olesolyo lives with her husband and four children in a remote village called Kotina in northern Tanzania. In her area, there is no electricity, no running water, and homes are made of stick and dung with a cooking fire in the middle of the floor. Life in Kotina is all about survival, and women there work hard to provide the basics for their children.

When Strong Harvest Moringa Peer Educator training came to her village, Nangakwa saw an opportunity to provide better nutrition for her children as well as income for her family. (She is second from the right in the above photo, shown at the training with her friends and neighbors.) After the training, Nangakwa quickly set about planting trees near her home from which she was soon able to start harvesting leaves. She is now able to feed moringa to her children every day!

Nangakwa is improving the health of her family AND she’s creating income by making and selling moringa powder! As she sells the powder, she is sharing about the benefits of moringa. She has been empowered by the Strong Harvest training she’s received, and is really excited about the positive changes that moringa is bringing to her family and community!


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