At Strong Harvest, we care deeply about people’s holistic wellbeing and work to empower individuals, families, and communities to provide the basics of life for themselves instead of depending on unreliable external sources.

Our Peer Educator training program enhances food security, improves health outcomes, and increases economic viability while nurturing the environment.

We train small groups of community members to be the local experts in basic nutrition and how to grow and use the moringa tree. Then, these Peer Educators work directly with their communities to educate the local people. Our “training trainers” approach is very effective at spreading this life-changing knowledge as most community members hear about moringa from someone known, trusted, and of their own culture.

Kokomay Upendo Women’s Group in TZ with moringa soap (Christina on right)

In Tanzania (TZ), our Field Representative Raymond regularly trains adult students at Babati Bible School as Peer Educators. These individuals are studying to become community leaders. Last year, one of these Peer Educators, Christina, taught a group of 27 women in Kokomay Upendo all about moringa. Raymond joined Christina a few months later for a follow-up training at which they taught the women to make moringa products for additional income (pictured above).

Isaya leading soapmaking in Dohomu, TZ

A couple months ago, another group of Peer Educators from Babati Bible School joined Raymond in training the community of Dohomu.

In the first photo, Isaya is talking the group through the moringa soapmaking process. In the next photo, Marko explains the nutritional value of moringa.

Marko teaching at Dohomu, TZ

In Malawi, our Field Partner Moshi trained 10 Peer Educators at the end of 2023. Each of these Peer Educators has helped to spread the knowledge of moringa. Some have introduced moringa to communities for the first time, many have shared with individual families in surrounding villages, and some have even started moringa nurseries.

Malawi Peer Educator team

Community training in Malawi

Along with Pastor Moshi, these Peer Educators have distributed thousands of moringa saplings to families in the area and are transforming the lives of their neighbors!

Your generosity changes lives!

Thank you!

Rick and Jeri, and the Strong Harvest team

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