No matter what the weather does, no matter what the government does, no matter what the economy does, Strong Harvest’s Moringa Program gives Tanzanian families control over how they meet their most basic needs by creating SUSTAINABLE SOURCES of Good Nutrition, Clean Water, and Economic Opportunities.

Strong Harvest is going to Tanzania in October and November where we’ll be training local people to become Peer Educators and equipping them to train families in their communities about basic nutrition and the wonderful benefits of the moringa tree.

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In rural Tanzania, parents struggle to provide the basics for their children, most often due to circumstances beyond their control. The need for sustainable sources of good nutrition, clean water, and economic opportunities is urgent!

The vast majority of families in rural Tanzania are weather-dependent, subsistence farmers. This means that they live on whatever they are able to grow and that they are totally dependent on the rains to water their crops. If the rain doesn’t come at the right time and in the right amount, their crops fail. This is devastating and can actually mean the difference between life and death.   As a result of the lack of a secure source of nutritious food, many children are perpetually undernourished or malnourished.

Moringa is easy to grow, thrives in harsh conditions, and its nutrient-dense leaves provide Vitamins A, B, C, and E, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, antioxidants, all the essential amino acids, and more!


Strong Harvest is providing families with a sustainable source of good nutrition through growing and using moringa.

Due to a lack of national infrastructure, many villages do not have a source of clean drinking water. The natural coagulant properties of moringa seeds transforms their drinking water by removing 90-99% of the impurities, improving a family’s health by drastically reducing water-borne illnesses!


Strong Harvest is providing a means for families to have vastly improved drinking water.

We are always looking for ways to improve on the natural properties of moringa to clean drinking water.  Recently, we’ve been talking with Dr. Stephanie Velegol, an instructor at Penn State University in Pennsylvania. She and her team are researching methods to combine moringa seed powder with sand filtration to make an even more effective and efficient way for families at the village level to treat their drinking water. We’ll be looking for ways to do field testing of this new method while we’re in Tanzania. The method we currently teach removes over 90% of the impurities from dirty water but Stephanie’s moringa/sand filter method has tested out at 99.99%. We’re excited to be partnering with the scientific community to find better answers to the urgent need for safe drinking water for everyone!

Rural Tanzanian families have very few options for creating income. There are many reasons for this, such as a lack of educational opportunities; poor health; inadequate national infrastructure; government policies; and shifting local, national, and world economies—things that they often have no control over! Moringa provides families with products they can grow right in their own backyards and sell in their local markets — fresh leaves, dried leaf powder, oil, seeds, saplings and more — creating income that is used to pay for the essentials: food, clothing, school fees, medicines, mosquito nets, and more.


Strong Harvest’s Moringa Program provides families with economic opportunities!

More exciting news – we have finalized our Swahili training manual! Our translation team has been working very intensely for the last several months to complete the Swahili version of our manual and it’s finally at the printer!

Kudos to our Swahili Translation Team:

  • Communications – Megan, SHI Translation Coordinator, Vancouver, WA
  • Translation – Ester, Chaplain at Aldersgate Secondary School in Babati, Tanzania
  • Translation – Abednego, Staff member at Aldersgate Secondary School in Babati, Tanzania
  • Translation and Proofing – Herman, National Director of Children of Promise in Babati, Tanzania
  • Translation and Proofing – Rick, SHI Executive Director
  • Publication Preparation – Alexis of Alexis Bond’s Business Services, Vancouver, WA

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