Strong Harvest board members got together for a night of assembling 40 Peer educator kits for the training in Nicaragua. Over 2,500 pages of information and illustrations developed by Strong Harvest became 40 peer educator notebooks and 8 large format easel binders – the tools that will be given to new Peer Educators, enabling them to teach people in need in their communities about all the benefits of the amazing Moringa tree.

We will be training Peer Educators from 4 different locations in Nicaragua:

  • El Faro church in Managua
  • El Faro church in Tipitapa
  • Villa Esperanza in Managua
  • Luz y Vida Church in Leon

We will also meet with leaders from other organizations to explore the possibility of bringing Peer Educator training to their areas. 

We are looking forward to an exciting and productive time in Nicaragua!