Our trip to Nicaragua in March was filled with stories of change and hope.  In each of the places we returned to for follow-up visits, we heard reports such as,

“Since I’ve been eating moringa, I have enough energy to work.”

“My children are healthier and their appetites have returned.”

“My anemia is gone.”

“My child, who has been underweight, is gaining weight!”

“I’ve been teaching my neighbors . . . my friends . . . my family . . . all about moringa and the positive effect it has on our health.”

Their personal experiences of improved health are leading them to share the good news!

Here are just a couple of the encouraging stories we gathered from the village of Cristo Rey, Nicaragua.  This is a village in which most of the families sift through garbage in the city dump to earn their living.  Malnutrition and chronic illness are rampant, especially among the children.  While their circumstances may be difficult, they opened their hearts and homes to us and it was a joy to spend time together.


Remember Carolina?  That’s her on the left in the white skirt.  She was so excited when she received Peer Educator training last November that she decided she wanted to do her own group training.  She asked if we would bring manuals for the people she would train, and so, with the generous support of many of you, we returned to bring her those manuals.  Carolina, Carmen and Delia have formed a teaching team and are planning their first group training of pastors and community leaders.  These leaders will then share their newfound knowledge with the families in their neighborhoods.

Imagine how empowered parents will feel when they learn that they can provide nutritious food every day for their children just by growing moringa right in their own backyards!  Carolina, Carmen and Delia, you are our heroes!



We also had the privilege of visiting with sweet little 4-year-old Camila and her grandmother, Mercedes, in their home.  While Camila sat happily on Rick’s lap, Mercedes shared the changes she’s seen since she started feeding moringa to her family after learning about it from Strong Harvest four months earlier.  Previously, Mercedes would barely make it until noon before being so tired that she needed to lie down, but now she has enough energy to do her work for the entire day.  Her teenaged grandson, who was plagued by colds, has been using moringa regularly in his milk and tea.  His colds have all but disappeared and his health has drastically improved.  As a grandmother, Mercedes is thrilled to be able to easily provide the essential nutrition that her grandchildren need and to see them beginning to thrive.

We are seeing the knowledge of moringa spreading in the village like the ripples from a pebble tossed in a pond.  As each person shares his or her own experience of improved health through using moringa, and teaches others how easily they can grow and use it too, they are taking ownership of the positive changes in their lives and making a positive impact throughout their community.

A big thanks to all of our supporters for making this possible – you are investing in the lives of Camila, Mercedes, Carolina, Carmen, Delia and so many more!

Camila and her Abuela Mercedes