Strong Harvest

Happy 1st Birthday Strong Harvest!! 

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for your support of the Strong Harvest mission and vision to link people to a better life through improved nutrition, clean drinking water and economic opportunities.  ALL at the family level!

During this busy FIRST YEAR, Strong Harvest has:

  • Attained our 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization status from the IRS and created the Strong Harvest organizational infrastructure . . . whew!
  • Provided introductory moringa training for 4 locations in Nicaragua.  Seeds have been distributed, trees are growing and people are beginning to add moringa to their diets.
  • Planned the next step for our work in Nicaragua:  intensive Peer Educator training to take place in January 2013.
  • Created nutrition and moringa Peer Educator training curriculum.
  • Created strategic partnerships with development workers around the world and with local U.S. organizations.
  • Participated in intensive Tropical Agricultural Development trainings.
  • Sent moringa seeds and/or training materials to co-op partners in India, Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico.
  • Seen the first harvest of seed pods from moringa trees planted by our co-op partner in India!
  • Engaged in discussions with Tanzanian leaders of the Church of God of TZ to begin SHI village moringa programs.
  • Taught 100 Oregonian kids and their families about moringa at Mt. Scott Vacation Bible School . . . what a blast!
  • Started to grow our Strong Roots supporter and volunteer network.

We’d say that a celebration is in order!

Happy Birthday Strong Harvest!!