On our latest trip to Nicaragua we were very sad to learn about the passing of one of our moringa champions, Isabel.

Isabel received our Moringa Peer Educator training in 2013 and immediately put the knowledge she received into action. She personally struggled with a chronic disease, but through the use of moringa she was able to greatly improve her health as well as her ability to deal with the trials that the disease brought.

Isabel was also incredibly active in sharing about moringa with everyone around her.

Over the years, Isabel shared the knowledge of moringa with her doctor and fellow patients at the doctor’s office, her friends and neighbors in her community, and anyone who happened to sit next to her on the bus as she traveled from her village to the main city of Managua. She even teamed up with fellow Peer Educators and our Nicaraguan Field Representative, Lesly, to put on a Strong Harvest Peer Educator training seminar for others in her neighborhood of Cristo Rey.

Isabel passionately shared her faith, as well as the tangible solutions that moringa brings, empowering countless people with the opportunity to make great improvements in their lives.

It has been an honor and a great pleasure to have worked together with Isabel and we will miss this champion of positive change. We are extremely grateful for her legacy of changed lives.

Rick and Jeri, for all of us at Strong Harvest

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