With all the bad news we hear about, it’s great to hear some good news.

I want to share with you how your donations helped to change a little boy’s life and return hope to a young family.

Lesly and his wife, Maria, live in Granada, Nicaragua, with their two young boys, David (4) and Benjamin (2).  Last October Benjamin got very sick.  The doctors ran many tests but could not find anything wrong with him, so they took Benjamin home and just watched and prayed as he got worse, lost weight and became lethargic.  They feared they were going to lose him.  In January Strong Harvest came to Lesly’s town and taught him and others about the amazingly nutritious Moringa treeLesly and Maria immediately started feeding Benjamin moringa every day and were thrilled as they watched their little boy return to health.  They are convinced that moringa made the difference!

I am convinced that you made the difference and made this young boy’s recovery possible.

Please help us to reach more children like Benjamin ~ give a generous donation today!