In our updates, we usually focus on the positive impact that our supporters are creating around the world, but this time, we want to zoom out and discuss the big picture.

What are we at Strong Harvest trying to accomplish, and why?

The Problem

Poverty is a complex and multi-faceted problem that affects every aspect of life.

Some characteristics of poverty include…

A lack of opportunity which restricts growth, learning, and access to education, healthcare, and resources.

A lack of nutrition which impacts physical and cognitive development.

A lack of resources such as clean water and economic infrastructure, exacerbated by environmental degradation, which hinders progress.

A lack of time caused by the necessary pursuit of survival which prevents people from growing and flourishing.

Changing the Future

Strong Harvest International fosters sustainable and generational development by building strong individuals, families, and communities.

We enhance food security, improve health outcomes, and increase economic viability while nurturing the environment.

Through grassroots, family-focused approaches, we break the cycle of poverty!

Thank you, donors, for bringing people the tools they need to overcome poverty!

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Rick and Jeri, and the Strong Harvest team

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