One simple tree benefits both people and the Earth!

Moringa is a multi-faceted, multi-purpose tree that thrives in the tropics.

The moringa tree:

  • is an excellent source of rich nutrition
  • can create clean drinking water
  • provides a multitude of products to be sold for family income
  • plays a vital role in environmental sustainability

Strong Harvest works in the developing world, using the moringa tree to assist people to meet their basic needs in ways that empower and create dignity in the individual, that are attainable and sustainable at the family level, and that will be passed down from generation to generation.
Another international organization engaged in improving life around the world is the United Nations.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) adopted an initiative with 17 goals as part of a global partnership for all countries to work together to make our world a better place, and these goals are called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since we believe that joining forces is the best way to create sustainable change, below is a brief description of how Strong Harvest is helping to meet some of these UN goals through our Moringa Training Program.

Moringa helps meet UN Sustainable Development Goals #6, #13 and #15: clean water, climate action, and life on land.

Moringa radically improves human life because it:

Moringa trees play a vital role in environmental sustainability through:

  • erosion control
  • reforestation
  • reduction of greenhouse gases
  • reversal of desertification
  • increased biodiversity

Moringa Abundance

Drought-resistant and fast-growing, moringa gives developing-world families the power to restore their local environment, and impact global reforestation.

Planting moringa removes carbon dioxide from the air, produces oxygen, holds moisture in the soil, provides erosion control, and reforests the land.

Now that’s loving people and the Earth!


Strong Harvest Peer Educator Patric and his wife, Joderne, live with their family in a mountain village in Haiti. They have planted moringa on their hillside farm, regenerating lost forest, protecting their soil from erosion, and providing nutritious food for their family. Moringa has radically improved their health, erasing dizziness, fatigue and anemia. Moringa has also improved their family farm, enriching and stabilizing the soil to produce a better crop.

In many of the areas in which Strong Harvest works, both deforestation and erosion are immense problems for small-scale farmers, as they greatly reduce the fertility of the land. Our Field Representatives teach farmers how to plant moringa to combat these issues. A Haitian farmer trained by Strong Harvest reported that after planting moringa, even when the heavy rains came, his soil did not wash away. That is fantastic!

So far, we have shown how moringa impacts 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Stay tuned for more! 

To read more about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, please visit their website:

Join us in spreading the empowering news of moringa!

Rick and Jeri, and the Strong Harvest Team

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