2016 was an amazing year for Strong Harvest International!

Last year hundreds of people learned how to improve their health, gain access to clean water, and increase their family income – all from the moringa tree, a superfood growing right in their own backyards.

One of Strong Harvest’s biggest accomplishments in 2016 was the addition of 248 New Peer Educators. These New Peer Educators trained communities throughout the world on the miracle of moringa. Strong Harvest International finds motivated people (and sometimes they find us!) who are striving to make a difference in their communities. Then, we provide them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to share the benefits of moringa with others. Through this training process, they become Strong Harvest Peer Educators.  Our Peer Educators have done an excellent job sharing the knowledge of moringa with thousands of others!


Over half of the population in Haiti lives below the poverty line. Strong Harvest is proud that 123 New Peer Educators in Haiti were trained in 2016. These Peer Educators have been trained on how to grow and use moringa for good nutrition, clean water, and additional income. Our Haitian Country Coordinator, Fritzner Mompoint, has educated hundreds of people on the benefits of moringa. Fritzner says, “I love being a part of Strong Harvest because it focuses on bringing life for people, especially those who can’t help themselves or provide for their family.”


Currently, there are more than 250 Peer Educators in three countries in West Africa: Togo, Burkina Faso, and Benin. According to Business Insider, Togo is the 12th  poorest country in the world. Therefore, Togolese families are in immediate need of a nutritious, income-generating superfood like the moringa tree. In 2016, Strong Harvest trained 108 New Peer Educators in Togo. In addition, we facilitated a moringa follow-up training for 19 Peer Educators who had already been trained in Togo.


Since 2012, Strong Harvest has been cultivating relationships with communities throughout Nicaragua to share the miracle of the moringa tree. As one of the least developed countries in Latin America, 24 Nicaraguan Peer Educators were grateful to receive Strong Harvest’s follow-up training in 2016. Twenty people also attended Strong Harvest’s moringa workshop in Managua at the 2016 Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) conference. At this conference, they learned more about how they can educate people on moringa.


Strong Harvest also stayed busy training Peer Educators in the United States in 2016. We trained a total of 17 New US-based Peer Educators at our headquarters and through online training programs. At the ECHO International Agricultural Conference in Florida, an additional 52 people attended Strong Harvest’s workshops on the moringa tree. In addition, we had two team trips to Nicaragua and Haiti, where our US-based Peer Educators shared their knowledge of moringa through peer-to-peer educational training.

We continue to receive reports of transformed health from people who are being strengthened through the many benefits moringa provides. We couldn’t accomplish this without the generous contributions of our donors and volunteers. With your support, Strong Harvest was able to have an incredible impact on communities throughout the world in 2016!