Strong Harvest’s month in Tanzania was better than we could have imagined

4 two-day seminars held in amazingly beautiful and diverse locations

81 new Peer Educators trained from 27 towns and villages all over Tanzania

150 moringa trees planted

2,500 life-changing moringa seeds distributed

Our new Peer Educators come from all walks of life ~ village leaders, pastors, health care workers, teachers, school cooks, farmers, businessmen, and Peace Corps Volunteers ~ ALL ready and able to bring health and hope to their communities through the simplicity of the Moringa Tree.

Here are a few pics from the first two of our four trainings.  Enjoy!


Below are photos from Mungere Secondary School, a Red Sweater Project school, in the village of Kambi ya Mkaa:



Our classroom with the wall of the Great Rift Valley behind us.





It was a great group – very engaged.  We had a ton of fun and learned a lot from each other.






Studying the manual together.




Our new Peer Educators with two of the Mungere Secondary School moringa trees behind them.  These trees are only 4 months old and are 10-15 feet tall and already have flowers and seed pods – amazing!


 The Mungere Secondary School students gave Strong Harvest a big THANK YOU!


Below are photos at the Babati Church of God where we trained pastors from all over northern Tanzania.



Learning to do the severe pruning that moringa trees thrive on and harvesting leaves for lunch.





Bringing freshly harvested moringa leaves to the cook.





The kitchen, consisting of three 3-stone fires.






The cooks worked their magic and made a delicious lunch of meat, moringa greens, sukuma wiki greens, and ugali in the middle.


Our new Peer Educators each took home moringa seeds, a moringa cutting to plant, a training manual and certificate of completion.  They live in many different towns and villages and will be sharing the knowledge of moringa with their churches and communities.  We are looking forward to hearing their stories when we meet again!

Stay tuned for our next blog to hear stories from our last two trainings in Tanzania where we encountered dear old friends, beaded Maasai ladies, giraffe, gerunuk, and an oddly beautiful dust storm!